Avon Winter League - January 2014

Sun 12 January 2014

Inaugral Winter League Race on 18th January 2014

This is just to confirm the details for the race that Avon are hosting at the Mendip Snowsport Centre on the 18th January.

  • Access to the slope (racers) from 16:30 to practice the 'poles' course
  • 17:00 switch to stubbies practice
  • 17:30 practice ends
  • 17:45 Races start on stubbies, then switch to poles, dependent on the amount of racers. it's proposed we then run two rounds of poles two rounds of stubbies etc, and get in as many runs as possible.
  • 21:30 Finish
  • Costs are £12 per head.
  • The Bar/Cafe will be open to 22:00, and the 'boot room' will be open, skis/boots available for any that need them.
  • We will have access to the 'party room' for kit storage etc.
  • There will be 'power' available for service etc, still to decide where this will be depends on how good/bad the weather is!!!
Please let us know if you want to take part in this race asap.