Gloucester Summer Race League Results

Mon 6 June 2011

Gloucester Summer Race League Results - June 2011

Congratulations to Oliver for again ending 'First in Group' and to Jon for achieving a joint 'Second in Group'. With Christian now having the fastest Avon time, the final 'Team' score of 155 gained it fifth place for the day.

Unfortunately, after the 'Team Listings' had been processed at Gloucester we suffered a couple of last minute 'injuries' and it is thanks to Teri and (another) Alex from Slalom Plus that Avon started with a full team. It was even more unfortunate that (our) Alex crashed just at the end of his DS run - resulting in a significant injury.

I'm sure, like us, you all send George, Andrea and (especially) Alex our best wishes for speedy recoveries.

Over all the clubs the last minute injuries resulting in withdrawals must have been about ten. So with those 'Extras' usually making up the Harlequins Team being reallocated to complete the 'club teams' - there was - no Harlequins Team and the morning Bib Numbers were all over the place - as we tried to maintain 'the correct starting order'.

Those sking for Exeter were joined by someone from the Gloucester Club; all gaining enough points to put Exeter just behind Avon in sixth place for the June event. Everyone in that group won at least two of their afternoon Dual Slaloms - well done !

We had been anticipating a very hot day (but not the broken sprayers) at Gloucester. However, it turned out to be a comfortable day - with the exception of Alex's injury and some muttering from the supporters about "a cold wind" - but everybody warmed to the first time performances put in by (little) Lauren !

Well done all !

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