Gloucester Summer Race League Results

Wed 21 Oct 2011

Gloucester Summer Race League Results - October 2011

The Avon Ski Club results for Avon, Exeter and Harlequins in October 2011 are available here.

The league results table as of October 2011 is available here.

What a super end to another enjoyable summer of monthly Saturdays at Gloucester - with the Avon Team achieving third place on the last day and finishing in fourth place in the League. Of course, the Team performance only reflects that of the individuals and most have played a part in this fine achievement.
So, what of the individuals ? There are too many good skiers and individual achievements to talk of any here, but it is obvious that some have achieved faster times and/or more points than others (even taking into consideration the age groupings). This may be due to differences in skill, or motivation, or - age. (Especially when it comes to gaining points, for those just entering an age group are at disdavantage to those at the upper end of it.) A few have taken up 'fun racing' for the first time this year and should be especially congratulated on that achievement alone. Whatever the motivation, hopefully all athletes and supporters have gained some satisfaction from just attending and spending the days with friends. (Rumour has it - there was one old guy who used to be satisfied just standing in the start gate - not sure if he ever went through the finish though! If you go next year, just look up the hill from the start - you will see him standing there - still.)
We now know everyone has done themselves and the training squads proud but, after each run, a competitor's mind often plays a 'what if' game - so let's play it!
What if - next year - we are a year older, more skillful and - come third ?