Gloucester Summer Race League Results

Sat 21 Oct 2017

Winter Race League - October 2017

Avon Ski Club will be hosting a Winter Race League Race on the evening of Tuesday 24th October 2017. This is our usual training evening but the finish time will be extended to around 9pm to make plenty of time for all racers.
Apologies to those of you who are away that week, but we have decided on the half term week to make the evening slot feasible for the other clubs who have a longer journey home.
Using our usual training slot removes the pressure to attract enough people to pay for the closure of the slope for other users.
Details of the format will follow, but all of you who train on a Tuesday will be able to race (whether full or satellite members) and teams/ individuals from elsewhere in the south west and south wales will be invited to join us.
This is a fun entry-level race and shouldn't be any tougher than our usual training nights, but is a great place to start if you haven't tried racing yet or if the end of the Gloucester season makes you sad!
Please save the date so we can make it a busy and lively event.