Exclusive club deals on canvas prints and acrylic blocks.

The Club are pleased to announce that one of the Clubs sponsors specialises in printing on to canvas and producing acrylic blocks.
The photos below show a selection of what we can supply, but essentially any size from A5 to A0 , on a very sturdy frame, unlike some of the fragile frames available.

They can print from electronic files (jpeg etc) or as in the case with the Chemmy Alcott canvas, they can be done from a scan of a photo.
Prices are as follows:

A4 (this is the size of the 'Team' Photo from the SRL)   £19
A3   £35
A2   £45
A1   £60
A0   £90

The Acrylic blocks are normally 6" x 4" and cost £15 other sizes are available on request.
Orders are normally supplied within the week, but please allow 10 working days to be on the safe side.
The Club receives a commission for any orders, which will help Club Funds, and at the same time we need to support our Sponsors so that they keep sponsoring us!!!