Summer Race League 2010

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The dates have just been circulated for the 2010 Summer Race League at Gloucester. They are :

May                                8th

June                                5th

July                                 3rd

August                            7th

September                    18th

October                        16th


All are Saturdays

Start - there at 0900hr     Finish - about 1700hr

Classification of Competition

Within the Snowsport England formal definition of competitions this is known as 'fun racing'. This describes well the nature of the competition between some eight ski-clubs based in the English South-West and Midland Regions and in Wales. Apart from having fun, the aim of the event is to introduce skiers to the first level of competition. Coaches from all the clubs know each other and, with the Gloucester organisers, happily help individual racers making up the 'club teams'.

The competition includes the entire age range from about six years of age. However, racers must be reasonably competent with race gates and, to preserve the aim of the events, racers must not be highly experienced. So 'registered racers' with seed points of less than 160 for males and 140 for females are excluded.

Clubs with small memberships make up their teams where possible with members from other clubs. In all, some fifteen teams, each of ten skiers, make up the league.

Teams comprise ten racers in any of the age groups - Under 9, U12, U15, U20, U35, U50, Over 50. During the morning runs ("Special Slalom"), the fastest in each age group gains 20 points, the second 19, etc. (to finish always gains 1 point). During the afternoon runs ("Dual Slalom"), a win gains 3 points, draw 2: a finish gains 1 point.

Racers must wear suitable clothing protection, including long sleeves and gloves - together with helmets - and ski sticks must have tip protectors!

The Day

Starts at 0900hr (come sun or rain) for race practice (including course inspection). The Avon Team base (shelter) will be at the top of the central grass area on the hill. (Bring lightweight chairs/ or mats and a picnic - it's a long day). There is the equivalent of our boot room and a bar with food, drink and a BBQ. Racing starts around 1000hr with the two 'special slalom' runs per skier. (Each session takes approximately 1hr15m.) This leads to the lunch break and division of all racers into 'time groups' - each of four racers - for the afternoon session of three 'dual slalom' runs (approx. 50min each session).

Gate Judge Duty

Parentsof participating racers are obligated to help with the Team's duty of providing 'Gate Judges' throughout the day. There are five separate race sessions and one turn each is not onerous. Many are now expert at this task and will be there to guide the newcomers - while others specialise in 'ski tuning'.


Relatives and other squad members are welcome. All squad members can ski all day on the other slope if they pay the additional fee (£7 last year) to Reception at Gloucester.

The Cost

As in previous years, The Avon Ski Centre will facilitate skiers from the Race Training Sessions to participate - by advancing the race fees. Last year the cost per competitor was £10 and at the time of accepting selection a competitor is then obligated to pay the fee (and of course honour bound as a team member not to let the team down).

This year, the cost will be two tier - being higher for non-members of 'The Avon Ski Club' - in order to compensate to some extent the provision of the 'Annual Trophies' for 'Avon Race Training'. (Also, to wear the uniform means - being a member of the Club.)

The Mission

"Sport for All" - selection for the Avon Team in the SRL will continue to be - not determined by skill level, but with the intent to give equitable opportunity to take the first step beyond 'Race Training' - towards 'ski competition'. (For those who think it should be - other competitions are available! Note the Seed Point disqualification for the SRL Competition also states it's mission.)

That is not to say we do not take 'The Avon Team's' league position to heart. As it implies the average skill level, it is worth noting that it is moving up The League - of very competent club teams!

The probability of being selected will obviously depend on demand. However, in past years virtually everyone on the 'extras' list for each event has been able to compete. Overall several members have competed in all six events albeit not all occasions in the Avon Team.

The Monthly Process

A list is established of those wishing to attend each of the Events in the Competition and will be used to ensure an equitable opportunity for all. For each Event, those in excess of 'The Team' will form 'The Extras' list and will be offered to other teams. (Two teams known as Harlequins are made up of 'extras' from all the clubs. The same honour / financial commitment applies to 'Extras'.)

Provisional team listings for an Event are e-mailed to all interested parties between three and two weeks prior to the Event. Acceptance of that place must be received prior to the end of the Friday seven days before the Event. Failure to confirm acceptance - will mean your place goes to the next on the list !

The 'confirmed team selection is e-mailed to all on the 'provisional listing' at the same time it goes to Gloucester - Monday of the week before the Event.


As in the past, Avon Team selection for the first event will be - in the order 'as received in the in-box', then 'in turn' for all from the 'Training Squads' who have applied.

Some other 'unwritten' criteria are applied, principally: - to give priority to those long-term regular attendees of the training sessions and, - to ensure a safe and competent level of performance makes selection 'worthwhile'. The most significant of these is that regular attendance at the Race Training Sessions has been achieved during the previous three months. Also, there is some 'balancing of the age ranges' for the Avon Team in each Event. (This merely means - being in the Extras or, very worst case  you slip a month.)

If you are interested please let me know by e-mail - head it as subject "SRL 2010 - Invitation".

Malcolm  10/02/10