Race Training - BOROVETS 2010

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What a fantastic event!

at-the-airportWEST OF ENGLAND SKI TEAM, comprising twelve children, aged 5-13, have returned from a week's race training and competition in the Bulgarian resort of Borovets.

Based at Avon Ski in Churchill, the team covers all the artificial snow centres in the South West, and included racers from Gloucester in the north and Torquay in the south.

At least half the team had not raced on real snow before, although all take part in regular training and races on the artificial slopes, both locally and nationally.
Due to some very generous funding from 'Skiers Trust GB' 'Stephen Jabs Decorators Ltd and 'Alpine Kitchens' of worle, the team were able to hire a top quality race coach, Luboslav Todorov, who was a Bulgarian National Team coach until the start of this season, and also to pay for a ski technician who has been to four consecutive Winter Olympic games.

Generous support from 'Dare2be' and 'Big Air' provided a very smart team kit, and the 'Lodge Hotel' in Borovets very kindly supplied new Atomic GS skis for the week, free of charge.

_DSC0448The races, both Slalom and Giant Slalom took place over three days, and were split into the 10yrs and under and 11-15 year age groups. On the Tuesday it was the turn of the 10 and under racers to compete on a Giant Slalom course that would deter most adults, and run on the bottom part of what used to be the World Cup Competition slope.

14 Bulgarian ski clubs, plus our six racers, totalling 180 competitors were split into three age groups and boys and girls sections. The WEST team did fantastically well, as all six finished the course and recorded times, a quarter of the competitors did not finish! In the 5-6 Boys Callum Black(5) came 8 from 16 starters, 7-8 Girls Lauren Black (8) was 5 of 25 and less than one second from bronze position,  and Paige Thomas (8) was 11/25. 7-8 Boys Sebastian Comelio (8) was 13/28 and in the 9-10 Girls Emma Penhale (9) was 6/20 whilst in the boys 9-10 Henry Richmond(10) scored a brilliant 8/48.

Wednesday and Thursday saw the turn of the 10+ age groups, the difference this time being that this was a FIS Childrens Race,  against a selection of Bulgarian clubs and the National Teams from Croatia, Romania, Serbia, Greece, Cyprus, Lebanon and Montenegro, a real test! Again split into two age groups and boys and girls. On Wednesday it was the Giant Slalom with one run for those 12 and under, and two runs for the older age group. In the younger group Madeline Brown was 21/27 and Jemma Penhale 23/27 first time for both of the girls, in the boys section Thomas Thurston was 28/53 and Harry Richmond was 36/53 with Cameron Thomas unfortunately popping out of a ski. In the older group our sole racer Georgina Cooper was 21/27 having had to complete two runs of the course to record a place.

_DSC0369Thursday was the turn of the Slalom and both age groups had to complete two runs down a course of 48 gates for run 1 and 45 for run 2, Madeline Brown came a fantastic 13/27 beating many of the International Juniors in her first races on snow. Thomas Thurston was 27/31, and Georgina Cooper  23/24, the others Jemma, Cameron and Harry all skied out, on what was a very demanding course.

This is the second year that we have taken a team over to train and compete, and the results were much better this year than last, our racers are competing against skiers who spend 5-6 days a week on snow, and so have achieved a fantastic result, especially due to all the hard work that they have put in.  The team were very well received by the local populace and behaved impeccably throughout, a real credit to the team and themselves. Grateful thanks must go to our sponsors, the parents, Mr Peter Kennell, for being a great help and a brilliant coach, Mr Fraser Black , team Manger, coach, organiser and mentor, and special mention to Mr. Stuart Robertson (Chair SWSA) for his invaluable help and input.

west-at-the-topFor more information on getting your child interested in snowsports, or to start race training, or just general info please contact Fraser Black on 01934 518166, calls especially welcome from anyone that is able to help the team in any way at